2024 Submissions Now Closed

Film Festival happens March 8-10, 2024

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Meet Our Keynote Speaker!

Caroline King is a vibrant presence in Atlanta’s entertainment circles. She wears many hats: filmmaker, podcaster, and festival director. Since 2017, Caroline has been behind the scenes at Cinema Life, where she curates events like the Women’s Comedy, Georgia Shorts, Atlanta Women’s and Atlanta Comedy Film Festivals. Caroline’s just doing her thing, shaping Atlanta’s cultural landscape one project at a time.


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2024 Film Festival

Thank you to all who participated in the 2024 Broad Street Film Festival! Check back for Nightmare on Broad St. Film Festival Submission details.

Bus Stop

A girl misses her bus and ends up meeting an old friend who might just change her life.

In Half

Through a child’s imagination it tells the journey of a man who after falling prey to his fears, he must cross a strange world, a universe full of magic, where he will be confronted with his own fears and conflicts from the past and where he must find solutions for the future to discover his self-identity.

A Timeless Bond

In the world of hunting & gun dog training, Jared Thatcher of TDF Kennels shares his unique approach to training, emphasizing the strong connection between owner and Labrador. His journey intertwines friendship, grief, and the pursuit of breeding outstanding family and hunting dogs, blending the best of both worlds.

The Hitchhiker Effect

A beleaguered conspiracy theorist in a contentious relationship struggles to understand the reality of paranormal events that begin when his eccentric neighbors drop by and refuse to leave.

Submissions are now closed! Buy tickets to the March 2024 Festival!