2022 Award Winners

Please enjoy the 2022 Broad Street Film Festival Award Winners!


Best of the Fest: Cook with the Heart

A documentary crew questions Stacy about the spiritual, ethical, and culinary dilemmas that come with the growing trend in “ethical cannibalism”.

Best Student Produced: Four Walls

When a high school girl becomes consumed by the four activities that govern her life, she forces herself into an isolated, never-ending continuum. Her world is divided into two colors, red, manic, and blue, depressive and she uses drugs to regulate her dramatic emotional shifts. This strategy works until her two binaries collide, leading her little self-constructed world into chaos.

Best Georgia Made Film: 10-56

When music composer SÒNG KIM (30) moves home to help his aging mother, MRS. KIM (60), he gets more than he bargained for.

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