2022 Music Videos

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This song is an expression of love from a scared and doubtful perspective. Love is often considered a foreign concept to people who have been hurt by it or have trouble allowing themselves to get attached. ‘Angelic’ is a confession of sorts; but it is also a warning to themselves and their partner about what they are fearful of when it comes to a romantic relationship. It is important to acknowledge that there are always going to be good and bad things in a relationship and it is equally as important to learn to embrace it all.

Apples and Soda Pop

Despite the efforts of their parents, kids will happily devour any junk food they can get their hands on. Follow a young boy’s musical adventure through dreams of sugar, chips and chocolate while his parents remain oblivious to his efforts.

Roman Pilgrim – The Tale of Wishful Creek

Roman Pilgrim, and his faithful dog Blue, leave the town of Hope in search of Roman’s lost voice. Along the lonely road, they bed down at Wishful Creek where they encounter a Spirit Guide who dances with Roman’s soul.

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