2022 Narrative Shorts

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A Casual Two

AJ didn’t know what to expect going into therapy, but he certainly didn’t expect his suicidal ideation to be as big of a problem as his therapist makes it out to be. As the two volley back and forth over whether or not suicide is “casual” AJ learns his mental health needs more concern and attention than he expected.

A Change of Song

A resourceful raccoon helps a fellow-creature out of a bad groove

The Overlook

Maggie has always been closed off from living a comfortable life. When a wealthy family hires her to housesit for the weekend she´s given an opportunity to disappear from her current problems.


When music composer SÒNG KIM (30) moves home to help his aging mother, MRS. KIM (60), he gets more than he bargained for.


Virtual Reality has become indistinguishable from real life and thus has turned into a way to escape the problems of today or live in happy moments of our past.

Cook with the Heart

A documentary crew questions Stacy about the spiritual, ethical, and culinary dilemmas that come with the growing trend in “ethical cannibalism”.


Chiara Rapisarda – Director Guest

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Felix Sauermann – Director Sorry, Wrong Text

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