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This film is based on a true story: the visitation of the Inquisition to the city of Porto in 1618. At the time the entire population was exhorted to denounce heresies under pain of excommunication. In a city where a large part of the population had Jewish ancestry, over one hundred New Christians, among others, were imprisoned, causing terror in the New Christian community, mass emigration and the near total destruction of the city’s economy. Friction between Porto’s judicial authorities, which had always been on good terms with the New Christians, and the inquisitorial visitation reached such a point that guards on horseback surrounded the ecclesiastical court, preventing the “heretics” in custody from being transported to Coimbra. The Visitor even travelled to Spain to give Philip II an account of the events transpired.  The main action of the film unfolds in places similar to those existing at the time that have meanwhile been destroyed. A number of the characters actually existed in real life and took part in the facts as narrated in the film.

Saturday Screenings


Six Day Back

Three bodybuilders sing about a revolutionary new workout regimen.

Magic Camera

A young girl struggles to come to terms with her Grandmother’s death. Through the use of her imagination and an old camera she seeks to hold on to precious memories and hopes to bridge the emotional gap that exists between her and her mother.

The Perks Of Being A Kidnapper

Three would-be career criminals inadvertently try their hardest to foil their own plot.

Dying Is Fine

The worries of a suicidal man disappear when he gets a piece of good news: brain cancer. 


A homeless man unwilling to accept his position tries to find a new way to make a living.


Unmasked Voice A COVID-19 Story

Julie struggles to connect with people during the pandemic. Then she discovers a note in a free little library that opens a whole new world. Set and filmed entirely in Atlanta, GA.

Geronimo: In Flight

Tired of dieting and traditional exercise, a veterinarian decides to take ownership of her health and happiness by becoming an aerialist.

Walk, Run, Ride, and Live

A man comes to terms with his health and the state of health for an entire race.


In the wake of a sudden tragedy, a young woman contemplates whether she has the strength to move forward with her pregnancy.


A King’s Daughter

Sometimes a mother and daughter spend a lifetime wondering about each other and a miracle answers their questions.


Set in 1980’s industrial Ukraine, a lone “hunter” is hired to investigate the brutal and unnatural murder of four men.

On The Outside

A desperate man finds himself obsessed with a girl who lives a life he wishes he had.


Brothers Cedric and Noah Reyes are being hunted down by a mysterious man. Could Cedric be hiding a secret from his own brother?

Black Sheep

Black Sheep chronicles the reasoning and regrets of an infamous, yet unheard of, serial killer.

Fear Thy Forest- A Short Horror Film

Moving into a new neighborhood, a teenage boy stumbles upon artifacts within the eerie forest surrounding his house. Upon his curious discoveries from out of the forest a creature emerges. The teenage boy soon discovers the many encroaching fears that lie in the forest just outside his front door. A short suspenseful film of 12 minutes and 23 seconds produced and directed in Cartersville, Georgia USA. *We have copyrighted our short films. You must have our legal permission to create and produce a motion picture based upon our copyrighted clever short film content. The IndieFEST Film Festival Award Winner August 2020- Award of Recognition, Eddie DeBartolo (USA), Fear Thy Forest – A Short Horror Film, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger. The Accolade Global Film Competition – August 2020 – Fear Thy Forest – A Short Horror Film, Director Eddie DeBartolo (USA), Award of Recognition: Experimental (Student) and winner of the Award of Recognition: Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger.

The Remnant 

A team of con artists posing as paranormal investigators steal from the home of an affluent elderly woman, only to find themselves unleashing a dormant malevolent spirit.


Nothing But The Blood

A controversial cult moves into a small town, sparking a series of violent events.

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