Home to “the hill where the sugar spilled,” Sugar Hill is a thriving city where communities enjoy the sweet life, full of local treasures like The Bowl, the Eagle Theatre, and the E Center.

The story that’s been told for generations describes a traveling wagon that lost a wheel on the hill in our city, spilling sugar across one of the highest points in Gwinnett County. Tales of the ground being covered in white sugar spread and the area came to be known as “the hill where the sugar spilled.” As our community grew, the name was shortened to “The Sugar Hill” and then, “Sugar Hill” when the city was incorporated on March 24, 1939.

From a sleepy bedroom community to a vibrant downtown, Sugar Hill is home to exceptional parks, a gorgeous golf course, The Sugar Hill Art Gallery & History Museum, memorable events, concerts in The Bowl outdoor amphitheater, and a 16.5-mile greenway that will wrap around Sugar Hill connecting its neighborhoods to downtown.

In the heart of Sugar Hill, the E Center boasts 180,000 square feet of mixed-use development featuring three unique spaces: the Eagle Theatre, a gorgeous 406-seat Art Deco-style theatre; a community gym with walking track that boasts over 14,400 members; and 40,000 square feet of restaurant, shopping, and office space. Each component of the E Center echoes architectural styles throughout Sugar Hill’s 80-year history as a city, paying homage to the past as the community looks to the future. In a city with so much to offer, gather your family and friends to come enjoy the sweet life in Sugar Hill.





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