Getting the Right Angles
Make-up Workshop
Location Scouting

Jeff Mayfield

Jeffrey has been immersed in the world of stunts since 2014. He has been training with bladed weapons since childhood, which helped him transition into the world of theater and the live stunt shows in the various theme parks of Southern California. Over the years he has transitioned his focus to film and television, performing stunts in projects such as “Scream 5”, “The Winchesters”, “Legacies”, and “Gotham Knights”. In the last year he has founded “Crash&Burn Stunts”, a company that provides equipment and resources to all productions from big-budget pictures to independent projects and student films, with the goal of making stunt elements accessible for all filmmakers.”

Rhodes Farrell

Rhodes’ experience spans more than 15 years within the realm of filmmaking. His portfolio encompasses a wide array of projects, ranging from promotional videos for businesses of varying scales to educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Notably, several of his cinematic works have been nominated and awarded at local film festivals. In his capacity as the Founder of Film Bar Monday in Greenville, he has successfully instituted a vibrant networking community, contributing significantly to the enrichment of the filmmaking landscape in the Upstate of South Carolina, fostering growth, education, and encouragement within the industry. You can also find him on his YouTube channel or Podcast titled ‘Indie Film Hub’. (Blue line pending if I get the podcast up and running, but the YouTube channel can stay.)

Jordan Irvine

Jordan Alexandra is a self-taught makeup artist working in film and theatre. She took her first basic makeup class in college and continued to learn on her own for the next 8 years until she finally decided to begin a career in the field. Jordan specializes in special effects makeup in the local Georgia independent film industry and is currently working as one of the key makeup artists at Netherworld Haunted House.

Chuck Porterfield

Chuck Porterfield was a Northside Hospital baby raised in Lawrenceville, Georgia. His love for motion pictures led him to pursuing a degree in Film and Video from Georgia State University. After making a number of amateur films, working in a video store, and briefly following employment in call centers and professional wrestling he found his way into the film and television industry. Describing his early job as “scrubbing the toilets of the stars” Chuck pursued a career in the Locations Department. His credits include work on “Stranger Things” for Netflix, “Star” for Fox, and “Legacies” for CW. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Taylor and a little dog named Reba.