Film Guidelines

Thank you for considering submitting your film to our film festival! Below are the submission guidelines:

1. Eligibility:

   a. Your film must be in its original language, with English subtitles if the original language is not English.

   b. We accept films of all genres: narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, etc.

2. Submission process:

    a. All submissions must be made through our online submission platform, Film Freeway. We do not accept physical submissions.

    b. You must provide a secure online screener (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) with a password.

    c. Your submission should include the following materials:
         i. A trailer or teaser (optional, but recommended)

         ii. A synopsis of your film

         iii. A brief director’s statement

         iv. A list of key cast and crew members

         v. Production stills and a poster (if available)

3. Submission fees:

    a. We charge a submission fee for all entries, which helps cover the cost of the selection process and festival programming.

    b. The fee is non-refundable, regardless of whether your film is selected or not.

    c. Submission fees vary depending on the date of submission and the category of the film.

4. Deadlines:

    a. We have several deadlines, including early bird, regular, and late submissions.

    b. Early bird submissions typically have a lower submission fee, so we encourage filmmakers to submit as early as possible.

    c. Please check our website for the specific deadlines for each submission period.

5. Selection process:

    a. Our selection committee will review all submissions and select films to be included in the festival program.

    b. We will notify all filmmakers of their submission status via email.

    c. If you film is selected, we will request a high-resolution copy for screening purposes.

6. Screenings:

    a. The festival will take place on specific date(s), and your film will be screened during those day(s). 

    b. We do not allow filmmakers to choose the screening date and time for their films.

    c. We will provide information about the screening time and location as soon as possible.

Thank you for considering submitting your film to our festival! We look forward to watching your work Film F.