Here at Broad St. Film Fest, we believe that film festivals should be an immersive experience for all to enjoy. And so, we have made it our mission to bring creators and audiences together in order to journey through the marvelous world of independent films.

A large priority of ours is to ensure that all types of filmmakers have a place to express their passion for the industry. So, films will range anywhere from high school creators to professionals. Because we want to encourage film-making, we are going to be offering scholarship prizes to a select few in the high school and college film blocks.

In addition, this festival is family friendly! We encourage people of all ages to attend. Although some events may be off limits to the younger audiences, (such as Happy Hour) Downtown Sugar Hill still has much to offer! The City has continuously been growing as a hub for entertainment, fun, and food. There is something here for everyone!

So keep a lookout for information on our 2021, weekend long, storytelling event.

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